Kaikoura Star - 2018-06-20


Fire Brigade seeking volunteers



If you would like to put the following on your CV: team player, follows procedures and works well under stress, then you could consider joining the Kaikoura Volunteer Fire Brigade. The brigade is on the hunt for more volunteers. Chief Fire Officer Ian Walker said that the minimum recruiting age was 16. There is no maximum age, but you are required to pass a police check, medical and fitness test. ‘‘The fire brigade is strong on training,’’ said Walker. They meet for exercises, weekly at the station on Monday nights. Volunteers also work through study modules and any weaknesses are worked through so that the approved standards are met. ‘‘Volunteers develop close bonds from working together in potentially challenging situations. ‘‘Upset one volunteer and you upset the whole fire brigade’’ said Walker. He said the the community relies on volunteers for not only for the Fire Service, but also for St Johns and the Coastguard. ‘‘When the community moves away, we move in.’’ Walker comes back to the fellowship bond. ‘‘After the November 2016 earthquake, over 500 out of town volunteers offered their services here in Kaikoura, and were accommodated.’’ Walker says they face the need to recruit because, especially in a small town, volunteers move away to further their careers. ‘‘I could do with five more volunteers now, says Walker, ‘‘but I’d grab 10 good ones.’’ Any one who is interested in finding out more about becoming a volunteer then they can either contact Ian Walker on 027 433 4283 or or Deputy chief fire officer Craig Guthrie on 027 815 2362. Or just head on down to the fire station on Monday at 7pm or Sunday at 9am and the team will meet and look after you.



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