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Across 10. Caribbean capital city, founded by the Spanish in the 16th Century (6) 11. Currency of Honduras (7) 12. ___ Times, 10th novel by Charles Dickens, published in 1854 (4) 13. Nickname of the 34th President of the United States (1953-1961) (3) 14. Failure of electric power for a region (8) 15. Powered by energy from the sun’s rays (5) 16. Text-processing software program launched by Microsoft in 1983 (4) 17. The Young ___, 1962 Shadows (4) 18. French tightrope walker who crossed the 340m Niagara Gorge in 1859 (7) 20. Israel’s national intelligence agency, one of the world’s largest espionage organisations (6) 21. Small, rectangular springdriven clock designed in the early 1800s for travellers (8) 23. Male name of Greek origin, meaning royal or kingly (5) 24. Chinese two-stringed bowed musical instrument (4) 25. Egyptian god of art and science, depicted with the head of an ibis or baboon (5) 26. Nuts which accounts for almost one-third of the world’s production of tree nuts (7) 28. Capital city of Liechtenstein, population around 6000 (5) 32. The frame or body of a ship (4) 34. Solid amber residue left after the distillation of turpentine oleoresin, used in adhesives, varnishes and on the bows of stringed instruments (5) 35. ] ' + J '' gas, mostly methane, found in coal mines (8) 37. Prepare a body for burial (6) 38. Japanese media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996, based on a range of hundreds of creatures (7) 39. Major river in northern England which was a shipbuilding centre until the late 20th Century (4) 40. Description of an area with so little rainfall it can only support desert or semi-desert vegetation (4) 41. Mother-in-law of Ruth in the Old Testament (5) 43. In Australia and New / (Nasella trichotoma) which is a serious weed in pastures (7) 44. Word that precedes dog, pot and topic (3) 45. World’s 19th largest country, population 34 million, with Spanish the most spoken language (4) 46. Flat-bottomed barge used to transfer goods and passengers to and from moored ships (7) 47. Home of the Norse gods and goddesses (6) Down 1. French-speaking region of southern Belgium (8) 2. Committee of a political party who determine policy and select candidates (6) 3. Ground and roasted source of chocolate (5,4) 4. Taylor Swift song with a duration of 10 minutes, the lengthiest song to reach No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (3,3,4) 5. Abbreviation for units of electrical current (4) 6. Area of central England which mostly overlaps with the ancient kingdom of Mercia (8) 7. Brand of chocolate manufactured by Cadbury since 1905 (5,4) 8. Poem by T.S. Eliot which begins: April is the cruellest month, breeding/Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing (3,5,4) 9. East coast Scottish town north of Dundee, known for its smoked haddock (8) 19. Croatian city on the Adriatic Coast which was called the Republic of Ragusa until the early 19th Century (9) 21. Person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect (5) 22. Album released by Irish rock band U2 in 1988, with the singles Desire and Angel of Harlem (6,3,3) 27. A remark that is harmful to someone’s reputation (10) 29. Postal code consisting of @` Y= Z Y#Z 30. City which hosted the 1986-87 America’s Cup, the @ {/ Y Z 31. In a game of bridge, a successful contract to win all 13 tricks (5,4) 33. Pertaining to the more expensive end of the market (8) 36. Outdated term for aliases or nicknames (8) 38. Agricultural implement usually made of wood until blacksmith John Deere made a metal version in 1837 (6) 39. Elongated area of low atmospheric pressure associated with a depression (6) 42. Greek letter which falls between theta and kappa (4)