Missing voices



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I was hoping that in the May 8 Sunday Star-Times there would be appropriate comment about Simon Henry’s revealing diatribe that didn’t focus on the wonderful Nadia Lim, but did discuss the obsession that Henry has, as well as racism and misogyny and why. Instead we had photos of successful white women and a long article that referred to sexism, but almost nothing about racism (apart from a bit of diversity white washing). Go to Tracy Watkins editorial and more sexism and virtually no racism. Nadia Lim was subject to the abuse because she is a member of a minority community and she is a woman. None of the other women you quoted have the faintest idea what that is like. But women and people in minority communities trying to get work, rent a house, raise free and proud children do know. Where were they and where were their voices? Karolin Potter Christchurch