Russian reasons



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Our Government has followed the US/Nato line that Russia’s Ukraine intervention was ‘‘unprovoked aggression’’. But the reality is there’s much, welldocumented evidence on why this happened. Russia clearly laid out the deep security concerns it was enduring with the United States, United Kingdom and Nato’s policies and activities in its region over decades. This includes the welldocumented, US-orchestrated, illegal and violent coup in 2014 that deposed a democratically elected government and replaced it with a regime with a leader chosen by the US. More recently, the US, the UK and Nato irresponsibly refused to address even one issue that Russia presented to them in security treaties on December 17, 2021. This is why Russia intervened: to save the lives of those immediately threatened by Ukraine’s military forces, lining up in large numbers by February 2022 to attack civilians they had been attacking for eight years. The US and Nato refused to address even this pressing issue facing Russia – the murdering of Russian-speaking civilians in the Donbass that would have become genocide. Kay Weir, Wellington