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1. Anna Harrison, who made her Silver Ferns debut as a 19-year-old in 2002 and last weekend played her 150th national league match at the age of 39, gave her name to what netball move, a) The Anna Backhander, b) the Harrison Hoist, or c) the Harrison Hoop-la? 2. On Wednesday, the Government announced a full opening of New Zealand’s border from when? 3. The novel Kurangaituku – described as ‘‘poetic, intense, clever and sexy as hell’’ – earned Wellington playwright, Whiti Hereaka, the top prize and $60,000 at which New Zealand book awards? 4. Which band was accused of ‘‘naively supporting greenwashing’’ after partnering with a Finnish oil company that has ties to deforestation in order to power their Music of the Spheres World Tour? 5. Which former Black Caps cricket captain has been appointed to the England test coaching role? 6. Who was quoted as saying ‘‘Get my wife out of here’’ when she became ‘‘broody’’ during a school visit, a) Clarke Gayford; b) Kanye West; or c) Prince William? 7. Last week, where would you have been able to hear a Serbian song about Meghan Markle’s hair, a Norwegian song about a bananaeating wolf and an Australian song about Asperger’s Syndrome?