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Summer is here. And so is our favourite summer game – cricket. One can hardly turn a page without reading about Cricket matches – Test matches, ODIs and T20s, somewhere in the world. Interestingly, the crazies – cricket nuts, I mean, are also out. Every exploit is identified, and the hero of the day lauded. You see statistics on which batsman has scored more runs in batting first and chasing, and which bowler has taken most wickets under similar conditions And so on – statistics similar to what one sees in different sports. But this season I am seeing headlines such as: Which champion batsman has scored more runs than two top scorers in the ‘enemy’ team in x months, and which batsman has scored most runs in the previous x innings compared to past legend(s). One missing statistic is whether tea or coffee makes a difference when it comes scoring more runs. Pradip Manchanda, Wellington