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1. How old was French nun Sister Andre´, the world’s oldest known person when she died? 2. How much are the ballkids paid at the Australian Open tennis? 3. An apartment block in which Ukrainian city was hit by a Russian missile this month? 4. Which former Byrds rocker died on Friday aged 81 a day after tweeting that he thought heaven was "overrated . . . cloudy"? ? 5. Which nation’s population has 6. What was the ‘‘disconcerting’’ discovery for an Auckland man when he went to take a dip in his spa pool? 7. What is the date of the general election? 8. Where did Labour and National hold their caucus retreats? 9. Which legendary athlete is missing almost all of the US$12.8 million (NZ$19.8m) he had in an account with a private investment firm in Jamaica?