The products people swear by. Rose Jackson, vintage and antique advocate from Collectors Anonymous, shares five sustainable, natural beauty products she has discovered over the years.




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Rose Jackson is a guardian of Collectors Anonymous, the most comprehensive guide to vintage and antique stores, secondhand dealers and op-shops around Aotearoa. Collectors Anonymous Edition 5 was released last month. “I was a child of the 80s so I was influenced by the natural beauty movement and loved making DIY products at home – honey face masks, lemon to lighten hair in the sun, that sort of thing. Then I became a stylist and had to cart kilos of makeup around the country,” says Jackson. “Now I’m stripping everything back to the essentials again and only using things on my skin that are sourced locally and are as close to nature as possible.” 1. Ceres Organics Apple Cider Vinegar, $8 When I was a kid I found out my granddad stopped washing his hair with shampoo. Fast forward to the pandemic and I gave it up too. I have “thine” hair (thin and fine) however after a few weeks of it not being smothered in chemicals, my hair sprang to life and it’s never been better. All I do is spray it with a bit of apple cider vinegar once a week, which helps control any dirt or grease and makes it feel fluffy and clean. 2. Lotus Apricot Kernel Oil 100ml, $8 I was always hesitant about oil-based products, but as I’ve got older, a little oil is actually lovely. This “carrier oil” is just anything and everything oil. Ignore labels and use it how you want. I put it in a chic glass dispenser to make it feel fancier, drip a bit on my face and massage it into my skin every night. 3. Aotea Kawakawa Balm 60ml, $37 This is the stuff of magic. Got a bad burn? Get out the kawakawa. Dry skin? Get out the kawakawa. Chapped lips? You know the drill. I like Aotea’s business philosophy: local manufacturing stance, pared back branding, and great customer service. 4. Antipodes Forest Berry Red Lipstick, $30 Antipodes has great staying power and moisturising qualities. It is still manufactured in Aotearoa and is really mindful of packaging and reducing plastic. Forest Berry Red is a near to perfect red. 5. Bucket Hat, homemade A hat works well for sun protection and it is reusable, washable and nonpolluting. I made a reversible bucket hat out of vintage kimono fabric, so it’s great for travelling as it’s easy to fold up and chuck in a bag.