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‘Sleepy hollow’

I have been following with interest the variety of comments regarding the possible improvement of the Nelson CBD.

Unfortunately, all this talking has been done before. In particular, in 1985, the then-public relations officer Peter Heath organised a survey of 430 businesses from Atawhai to Richmond.

The survey results included comments on Nelson’s beautification, expansion, attitudes towards facilities (or lack of them) together with many other points still surprisingly relevant today. Even then, it was noted the preference of shoppers for Richmond because of Nelson’s parking problems.

However, the most collective reaction then, as is now, was car parking facilities for both workers, shoppers and tourists.

A multi-storey car park was favoured, with many ideas of design and location. A radical idea in 1985 for Nelson.

Therefore I was interested to read Mayor Nick Smith’s remark on November 18 recognising this parking problem.

I also note that as well as multi-storey car parking, mention by others has been made of the idea of underground parking facilities. Whatever! After 38 years of talking about parking problems, lack of facilities and potential solutions, isn’t it about time for some action?

Or will Nelson CBD have to re-use its early name of “Sleepy Hollow”.

Rosalina McCarthy, Nelson (November 18)





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