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We’re welcoming the return of summer gigs and festivals with open arms – and a well-prepared look that is practical, comfortable and hot. These essentials are the ones that get us through, so we can focus on enjoying the atmosphere.

LARA DALY, publishing co-ordinator

My go-to festival look is all about simple clothes and statement accessories. I don’t like feeling too girly in skirts or dresses at a festival, so a good pair of shorts is a must, denim cut offs or sporty style track shorts. Footwear needs to be comfortable, obviously – Dr Martens sandals or a pair of high-top Chuck Taylors, 16-year-old me had it right. My swimsuit usually becomes a bodysuit / top situation or I’ll throw a favourite T-shirt over the top – the more threadbare and moth-eaten the better. Then I add the hardware: a leather belt, all of my rings, chunky silver necklace and a tote bag to let all the indie kids know I’m not a poser!

TYSON BECKETT, style reporter

My go-to outfit to wear to a festival is incredibly simple: a breathable dress, a pair of comfortable sneakers and a copious amount of deodorant. It’s nearly identical to the dress and sandals combo I throw on each summer morning, but I swap out the footwear in an attempt to save my toes from being trampled. None of what I wear matters one jot if I haven’t made some crucial preventative steps towards securing my comfort throughout the day. As someone with a larger body than most but smaller feet I make sure to liberally apply anti-chafe cream to my thighs and blister plasters to my heels so I can kanikani all day long.


Stuff style editor and Ensemble co-founder It’s been a long time since I’ve been at a festival or big gig, and I can’t wait to get back into it – at Laneway (my first time going, don’t judge me), Harry Styles and Lorde. My go-to look is usually a pair of shorts, so I don’t have to worry about the wind, a loose fitting shirt and a sensible jumper for later on, and a big hat that can be shoved into a bag when the sun goes down. Other key accessories: sunscreen, duh, and a retro-style sunglasses chain so they don’t fall off my face or head.

REBECCA WADEY, Ensemble partnerships director A bag and comfort: that’s what I’m after at a festival. Well, that and being sunsmart. I’m obsessed with my Kowtow culottes. They’re the comfiest thing I’ve ever owned and I can sprawl on grass, do high kicks of glee and any other dance moves inappropriate for someone my age without flashing someone. A cross body that zips up is also highly essential for hands-free fun.





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